Molecular Beam Epitaxy
& Scanning Tunneling Microscopy


Can-Li Song, Dennis Huang, Tatiana Webb


We have constructed a custom ultra-high-vacuum, variable temperature scanning tunneling microscope with the following features:

STM body

labeled photo of SP-STM

Fig. 1: Diagram and photo of microscope.
Flow Cryostat

labeled photo of flow cryostat

Fig. 2: Diagram and photo of cryostat.
Vacuum Chamber

labeled photo of vacuum chamber

Fig. 3: Diagram and photo of vacuum chamber.
Molecular Beam Epitaxy

labeled photo of molecular beam epitaxy system

Fig. 4: Photo and diagram of molecular beam epitaxy system.
Current source elements are Fe, Se, Si, Pb, Bi, Co, Cu, Ni, and Ag.