Running across the USA!

Sept 15, 2023

My heart is full of gratitude for the team that has rallied around me to help fulfill my dream to run across the USA. I will set out from the Pacific Ocean, towards San Francisco City Hall and beyond, in the wee hours of Sat, Sept 16. I aim to run >60 miles per day to finish in New York City by Nov 5, to beat the current world record of 54 days, 16 hours.

You can track my progress live via my garmin page. You can also send me short messages, which will appear in real time on the tracker I am carrying, and will help to encourage me forward. Please sign your messages with your name, because the tracker doesn’t otherwise identify the sender.

I will also be posting updates on Facebook and Instagram and Strava. I will follow essentially the same route as I followed in my 2019 attempt. I welcome company from anybody who wants to run a few miles with me.

transcon 2019 map
Jenny's 2019 run (42 days from San Francisco to Cleveland).

Once before, in 2019, I set out on foot from San Francisco, heading for New York. I ran 2,560 miles in 42 days, averaging 61 miles per day (6 days under world record pace) but my run ended prematurely with a knee injury near Cleveland, Ohio. Through surgery and rehab and pandemic and work and family life, I have dreamed every single day for 4 years about redoing and completing this run. I am excited and nervouse and beyond grateful to have another opportunity, and I am 100% committed to make the most of it.

Here are some of the amazing people, now close friends, who helped with my run in 2019. I hope to make many new friends through my 2023 run!

entering Nevada
Dwight, Jenny, Phil entering Nevada.
Colorado high point
Jenny, Serena, Jordan; Colorado highest point.
Bonnie llamacorn
Bonnie and the llamacorn in Illinois.
entering Indiana
Dwight, Jenny, Dean entering Indiana.
Pete Kostelnick
Pete Kostelnick, current world record holder.
Ohio last day
Dwight, Jenny, Larry in Ohio.