Welcome to our lab!

We value respectful teamwork and clear communication, so here are some resources to get started.

New Members


Checklist of startup tasks, and establishing a working relationship with a senior lab member to get up to speed on your initial project.

Finding Mentors

mentorship map

A successful scientific degree requires a long time and many skills. Think proactively about how to find all  the guidance and support you need to survive and thrive.

Writing a Paper

scientific paper

Step-by-step guide to outlining, writing, formatting in LaTeX, making figures, referencing, and checking style and content (includes source files).



A scientific paper is typically the culmination of lots of hard work from many team members. Here's how we consider the sometimes-challenging assignment of authorship.

Lab Notebooks

lab notebook

Careful scientific record-keeping is super-important for efficient teamwork, honest data analysis, and clear establishment of credit.



Help your recommender help you, by providing them with timely information.

Meetings & Scheduling


We meet as a full group, sub-teams, and 1-on-1. Here's how to schedule meetings and make efficient use of everybody's  time.

Time Management

time management

We are ambitious with many goals and high standards, but there are only 168 hours in a week, so it's important to plan our time.

Work Hours & Vacations

hours and vacations

We work hard, but we also need breaks. How to balance your working hours and vacations for yourself and  your scientific teammates.

Undergraduate Funding

undergraduate funding

Research funding for Harvard undergraduates.

PhD Expectations

PhD diploma

Expanding the boundaries of human knowledge, and communicating by writing and teaching.

International Visas


We value our teammates from all over the world! Unfortunately the visa situation is sometimes tricky, so here are a few guidelines.

Useful Links

chain links

Miscellaneous useful stuff, including journals, conferences, awards.

Internal Lab Wiki

Harvard shield

All the useful private stuff: group contact info, computer access, account strings, etc.