Fermi Surface & Pseudogap Evolution in a Cuprate Superconductor

University of Minnesota, Oxides Workshop

Minneapolis, MN (1 May 2014)

Nanoscale Imaging of Topological Materials: Sb & SmB6

University of Waterloo, Physics Colloquium

Waterloo, Canada (20 May 2014)

Nanoscale Thermal Imaging of VO2

APS March Meeting

Baltimore, MD (18 March 2013)

The Effect of a Single Atom on High-Tc Superconductivity

Harvard University, Physics Colloquium

Cambridge, MA (23 April 2012)

The Competitive Landscape of High-Tc Superconductivity

McGill University, Physics Colloquium

Montreal, Canada (2 September 2011)

STM Imaging of Broken Symmetry States in Cuprate Superconductors

Minnesota Conference on Unconventional Superconductivity  link

Minneapolis, MN (22 April 2011)

Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Quasiparticle Interference Imaging on High-Tc Superconductors

I2CAM/FAPERJ Summer School on Emergent Matter  link

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (7-8 June 2010)

Nanoscale Explorations of an Insulator-Metal Transition in VO2

Condensed Matter Seminar

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champagne (23 April 2010)

Got Mott? Nanoscale Explorations of Electronic Transitions

Physics Colloquium  link

Harvard University (29 March 2010)

STS and Vortex Imaging in the Pnictide Superconductor Ba(CoxFe1-x)2As2

Condensed Matter Seminar

Cornell University (14 April 2009)

Imaging the New Iron Arsenic High-Tc Superconductors

Physics Colloquium

Oregon State University (30 March 2009)

Single Vortex Manipulation in Superconducting Nb

Low Temperature 24  link

Orlando, Florida (13 August 2005)