ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
29th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics Aug 15 - 22Sapporo, Japan


ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
Conference on Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics Jan 11 - 12Bristol, UKDec 10, 2017Dec 15, 2017
TMS-WPiQs 2nd Alliance Workshop: Topological magnets and topological superconductors Jan 11 - 14Kyoto, JapanDec 8, 2017Sep 30, 2017Free
Aspen Winter Conference: "High Temperature Supersconductivity - Unifying Themes in Diverse Materials" Jan 14 - 20Aspen, CO$400Mo, Tatiana
2018 Conference on Electronic and Advanced Materials (Formerly Electronic Materials and Applications) Jan 17 - 19Orlando, FLOct 18, 2017VariedChristian
APS March Meeting 2018 March 5 - 9Los Angeles, CAMo, Jacky, Trevor, Bryce
32nd International Winterschool on the Electronic Properties of Novel Materials IWEPNM 2018 March 17 - 24Tirol, Austria
New Platforms for Topological Superconductivity with Magnetic Atoms April 9 - 11Dresden, GermanyJan 16, 2018€120Jenny
The 6th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism (ICSM2018) April 29 - May 4Fethiye, TurkeyDec 6, 2017Early Reg: Feb 16, 2018
Novel superconductors: materials and properties May 7 - 11Nordita, Stockholmmust apply for travel support
2018 Frontiers in Quantum Materials and Devices workshop June 4 - 5Cambridge, MAGeneral: 300 CIQM Student:100
NSF/DOE Quantum Summer School: Fundamentals and Applications of Quantum Materials June 10 - 22Ithaca, NYJan 31, 2018here
25th WIEN2k Workshop June 12- 16Boston, MA450
Dynamic Quantum Matter, Entangled orders and Quantum Criticality Workshop June 18 - 20Newport, RIApr 30, 2018May 18, 2018Senior: 350 Junior: 250
International Conference on Low-Energy Electrodynamics in Solids June 24 - 29Portonovo, Ancona, ItalyJan 15, 2018Early Reg: Apr 30, 2018Early Senior: €1.200 Late Senior: €1.300 Junior: €700
Entanglement and Coherence in Quantum Materials June 24 - 29South Hadley, MAMay 27, 2018here
International Conference on Novel 2D materials explored via scanning probe microscopy and spectroscopy June 25 - 29San Sebastian, SpainMarch 1, 2018Apr 15, 2018Regular: €350
Student: €275
2018 International Conference on Magnetism July 16 - 20San Francisco, CAMarch 2, 2018
2018 International Conference on Nanoscience + Technology (ICN+T) July 22 - 27Brno, Czech RepublicFeb 28, 2018Early Reg: Apr 30, 2018Early Student: 450€ Reg Student: 550€
SPSTM-7 and LTSPM-1 International Conference 2018 July 28 - 30Nijmegen, The Netherlands
KITS: New Frontiers of Strongly Correlated Electron Materials Aug 6 - 24Beijing, China
12th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity Aug 19 - 24Beijing, ChinaDec 1, 2018$300Jenny
New Developments in STM on Surfaces of Functional Materials Aug 26 - 28Shanghai, ChinaJenny
25th International Workshop on Oxide Electronics Oct 1 - 3Les Diablerets, Switzerland -- ---
International Workshop on "spin-orbit coupled topological states" Oct 1 - 3APCTP, Pohang, Korea -- ---
TTN-2018 International Conference Oct 17 - 20Ravello, ItalyMay 15, 2018 Sept 15, 2018 here


ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
Frontiers in Condensed Matter Physics Jan 9 - 10Bristol, UKDec 18, 2016Dec 31, 2016Jenny
The 14th annual iNANO meeting Jan 11Aarhus, DenmarkJenny
Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (CUWiP) Jan 13 - 15Cambridge, MAOct 14, 2016Jenny
The 44th Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces Jan 15 - 19Santa Fe, NMOct 14, 2016Dec 2, 2016$875
Fundamentals of Quantum Materials Winter School Jan 16 - 19Maryland, MDNov 25, 2016
Quantum Criticality and Novel Phases 2017: Competing order and exotic phases Feb 26 - March 1Berlin, GermanyNov 30, 2016Nov 30, 2016250€
Common Threads of Unconventional Superconductors Feb 27 - March 3Oort, LeidenOct 28, 2016
International Winterschool on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials March 4 - 11Tirol, Austria
APS March Meeting 2017 March 13 - 17New Orleans, LANov 11, 2016Alyson, Tatiana, Harry, Pengcheng, Jason H., Oliver
Quantum Materials Spring Meeting 2017 April 27 - 29Vancouver, CanadaMarch 10, 2017
The 2nd International Workshop - Towards Room Temperature Superconductivity: Superhydrides and More May 8 - 9Orange, CAApr 5, 2017Free - Registration Mandatory
International Physics School on Quantum Materials May 14 - 20Quebec, CanadaMarch 31, 2017CAD$400-560
2017 Summer School on Emergent Phenomena in Quantum Materials May 31 - June 2Ithaca, NYApr 22, 2017 Registration Fee: $75
Lodging Seperate
Gordon Research Conference on Superconductivity June 4 - 9Waterville Valley, NHMay 7, 2017
NSF/DOE Quantum Science Summer School June 5 - 16Baltimore, MDMarch 31, 2017
Gordon Research Conference: Topological and Correlated Matter June 18 - 23Hong Kong, ChinaMay 21, 2017$1265
Frontiers in Quantum Materials & workshop July 13 - 14San Sebastian, Spain
8th International Workshop on Surface Physics - Surface is Alive: Atoms, Molecules, Functional Materials etc. June 26 - 30Trzebnica, PolandApr 15, 2017Varied
Workshop on Electron-Electron Interactions in Topological Materials June 28 - 30Singapore, Malaysia June 20, 2017Singapore-based participant: SGD 40, Int'l participant: SGD 200, Banquet fee: SGD 150
Frontiers in Emergent Quantum Phenomena June 28 - 30New York, NYPost-Doc: $150
Grad: $100
International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems, SCES 2017 July 17 - 21Prague, CzechOct 31, 2016
22nd International Conference on Electronic Properties of Two Dimensional Systems July 31 - Aug 4State College, PAFeb 28, 2017June 17, 2017
SUNSET 2017 School on Unconventional Superconductivity : Experiment and Theory Aug 7 - 19Corsica, FranceApril 1, 2017Euro550
The 28th International Conference on Low Temperature Physics Aug 9 - 16Gothenburg, SwedenApr 10, 2017Early Reg: May 3, 2017Early: SEK 3700
Late: SEK 4400
School on Unconventional and Novel Superconductors: Experiment and Theory Aug 9 - 17Corsica, FranceNov 1, 2016
Multi-Component and Strongly-Correlated Superconductors Aug 17 - 21Stockholm, SwedenMay 29, 2017
Topological Matter School 2017 Aug 21 - 25San Sebastian, SpainApril 7, 2017300€
NGSCES 2017: The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Sep 4 - 8ICFO, BarcelonaMay 18, 2017Early Reg: July 1,2017Early: 270€ Late: 350€
Frontiers in Magnetism: Topological insulators and outlook for technology Sep 18 - 21Lorraine, FranceJune 15, 2017Feb 7, 2017General:350€ Student: 150€
International doctoral training session "Frontiers of Condensed Matter" Sep 18 - 29Les Houches, FranceJune 16, 2017Early: 230
24th International Workshop on Oxide Electronics (iWOE-24) Sep 24 - 27Chicago, ILMay 15, 2017June 30, 2017
Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors Sep 25 - 29Julich, GermanyMay 31, 2017
20th International Conference on Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy Sep 25 - 29Suzhou, ChinaJune 30, 2017July 31, 2017Early: $450 Late: $500
Grand Challenges and Opportunities of Quantum Materials Symposium: Design, Synthesis, Properties and Applications Oct 4 - 6Berlin, GermanyJuly 31, 2017Sep 15, 2017550€
International Conference: “Cutting-Edge Topics in Quantum Materials” Oct 16 - 19ESPCI, ParisJuly 20, 2017May 15, 2017Varied
International Symposium: “Perspectives on high-temperature superconductivity” Oct 23 - 25Moscow, RussiaJuly, 20 2017
The Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Seminar on "Topical Insights into Nanoscience using Scanning Probes" Nov 19 - 23Bad Honnef, GermanyJune 30, 2017
Advances in Dirac and Weyl Materials WorkshopDec 13 - 15Jacksonville Beach, FLNov 12, 2017Nov 17, 2017Registration: $300
Lodging $400


ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
The 43rd Conference on the Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces (PCSI-43) Jan 17 - Jan 21Palm Springs, CAOct 9, 2015Dec 3, 2015Regular:$775; Student:$600
EMA Conference 2016 Jan 20 - Jan 22Sea World, FLSept 9, 2015
Tel Aviv - Tsinghua Xin Center 2nd International Winter School Jan 24 - 28Tel Aviv U., IsraelJan 15$150
2016 Aspen Winter Conference Topological Quantum Matter: Progress and Applications Feb 15 - Feb 21Aspen, COvary between Oct 15, 2015 and Dec 15, 2015
Regensburg 16 March 6 - Mar 11Regensburg, GermanyDec 1, 2015Feb 5, 2016Euro140(Members); Euro220(Non-members)Dennis
March Meeting 2016 March 14 - 18Baltimore, MDNov 6, 2015Jan 8APS_Member:$385; Student:$130Jenny, Dennis, Tatiana, Harry, Oliver, Pengcheng, Jason H.
The 5th International Conference on Superconductivity and Magnetism (ICSM2016) April 24 - 30Fethiye/Blue Lagoon, TurkeyNov 27,2015April 15Press Here
Spring 2016 CIFAR Quantum Materials Meeting April 25 - 30Toronto, Canada
International Conference on Strongly Correlated Electron Systems May 8 - 13Hangzhou, China
Strong Correlations and the Normal State of the High Temperature Superconductors May 17 - 20Katrin Lantsch, GermanyFeb 29, 2016
Low Energy Electrodynamics in Solids (LEES2016) May 29 - June 3Osaka, JapanJan 31Mar 3190,000 JPY
Engineering Quantum Matter : From Understanding to Control June 8-10St. Andrews, UKApril 1Euro150(before 1/4); Euro200(after 1/4)
Boulder School for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics June 11 - Aug 5Boulder, COJan 15$150Mohammad
Spectroscopies in Novel Superconductors June 19-24Stuttgart, GermanyMay 13June 10Student:Euro300; Delegate:Euro400
Gordon Research Conference: Correlated Electron Systems June 26 -July 1South Hadley, MAMay 29TBAHarry, Jenny
Condensed Matter Physics in the City July 4-15London, UK
EPiQS Symposium Aug 2 -Aug 5Aptos, CA
The International Conference on Quantum Fluids and Solids Aug 10 -Aug 16Prague, Czech RepublicJune 15May 30
The workshop on experiment and theory of the electronic structure of correlated f-electron materials Aug 15 -Aug 17Philadelphia, PAJuly 17$400(Faculty); $100(Students)Harry
Quantum Criticality and Topology in Itinerant Electron Systems Aug 15 -Aug 19Albuquerque, NMJuly 15July 15
IVC-20 Aug 21 - Aug 26Busan, KoreaMar 31May 31$350(Student); $650(Regular)
The 32nd European Congress on Surface Science Aug 28 - Sep 1Grenoble, FranceJune 30Euro175(Student); Euro475(Standard)
6th Spin-Polarized STM Conference Aug 28 - Aug 31Chiba, JapanJuly 1July 1520,000JPY(Student); 30,000JPY(Standard)
Symposium on Quantum Materials Synthesis: Grand Challenges and Opportunities Aug 30 - Sep 1New York
Autumn School on Correlated Electrons: Quantum Materials: Experiments and Theory Sep 12 - 16Julich, GermanyMay 31
The 32nd North American Conference on Molecular Beam Epitaxy (NAMBE 2016) Sep 18 - 21Saratoga Springs, NYAug 18$525(regular); $350(Student)
NGSCES 2016: The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Sep 26 - 30Trieste, ItalyJune 15July 15Euro270(before 7/15); Euro350(after 7/15)
Fall 2016 CIFAR Quantum Materials Meeting Oct 5 - 7Paris, France
Workshop on Frontiers of Quantum Materials Nov 4 - 5Houston, TXOct 3$200
Synthetic Quantum Matter Nov 14 - 18Santa Barbara, CASep 27,2015
EPIQS-TMS Trans-Pacific Conference on Topological Quantum Materials Dec. 3-8/9, 2016Moorea, TahitiJenny
Workshop on Superconductivity and Magnetism at Low Dimensionality Dec 5 - Dec 7 Bogota, Colombia
The Electronic and Optical Properties for 2D and Dirac Materials Dec 12 - Dec 14Jacksonville Beach, FLOct 31Nov 18$150
The 34th Jerusalem Winter School in Theoretical Physics "New Horizons in Quantum Matter" Dec 27 - Jan 5Jerusalem, IsraelOct 25,2016


ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
APS March Meeting March 2-6San Antonio, TXNov 14Jason, Jessie, Dennis, Tatiana, Jenny
Winter School on Electronic Properties of Novel Materials March 7-14Tirol, AustriaJenny
Quantum and Dirac Materials for Energy Applications Conference March 8-11Santa Fe, New Mexico
9th International Conference on Magnetic and Superconducting Materials April 30 - May 3Antalay, TurkeyApril 20April 20Euro450(before 03/30)/500(before 04/20)
CIFAR Quantum Materials May 7-9Vancouver, CanadaJenny
Vortex 2015May 10-15Madrid, Spain$400
2015 ICAM Annual ConferenceMay 11-13Argonne National Laboratory
Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics WorkshopMay 15-22Vancouver, Canada
Spectroscopy on Novel (Oxide) Heterostructures workshopMay 18-20Vancouver, CanadaMay 1st
Frontiers in Quantum Materials & DevicesMay 21-22Harvard University
Gordon Conference on Superconductivity May 24-29Hong KongApril 26$1090Jenny
Strongly Correlated Topological Materials Conference: SmB6 and Beyond May 31 - June 5University of MichiganMarch 27April 17$100Jenny, Harry
Atomic Structrue of Nanosystems from First-Principles Simulations and Microscopy ExperimentsJune 8 - June 11Helsinki, FinlandApril 10April 10250€-350€
2015 International Workshop on Unconventional Superconductivity June 8 - 11Shanghai, China
7th International Workshop on Surface Physics - Molecular Nanostructures June 21 - 25University of Wroctaw, PolandApril 1May 15Euro500
Enhanced Functionalities in 4 and 5d Containing Material from Large Spin-Orbit Coupling June 14 - 19Telluride, COJan. 6May 4$725
11th International Conference on Ceramic Materials and Components for Energy and Environmental Applications June 14 - 18Vancouver, CanadaMarch 01$390
Gordon Conference on Topological & Correlated Material June 28 - July 3Hong Kong
Condensed Matter Physics in the City 2015June 22 - July 03London, UK
Workshop on Strong Correlations & ARPES July 5-10Paris, France
20th International Conference on MagnetismJuly 5-10Barcelona, SpainMarch 2April 17Euro500
Workshop on Concepts and Discovery in Quantum Matter July 12-15Cambridge, UKMay 15£250
2015 ICAM-China Summer School: The Frontier in Condensed Matter Physics July 18-26Beijing, ChinaJune 25$200
New Physics due to Spin-Orbit Coupling in CORrelated Aug 4-14Cargese, FranceMay 8
Moore Foundation EPIQS Symposium Aug 5-7San Francisco, CAJenny
The international symposium on Quantum Fluids and Solids QFS2015 Aug 9 - 15Niagara Falls, NY
School and Workshop on Strongly Correlated Electronic Systems - Novel Materials and Novel TheoriesAug 10-21Trieste, ItalyMay 25
Materials & Mechanisms of Superconductivity Aug 23-28Geneva, SwitzerlandJan 15May 31CHF 650(regular)/500 (student)Jenny, Dennis
Workshop on the two-dimensional chalcogenides: exotic electronic orders, superconductivity and magnetism Aug 31 - Sept 3Dresden, GermanyJuly 20
18th International Conference on non contact Atomic Force Microscopy Sep 7-11Cassis, FranceApril 20June 26Euro500(regular)/400 (student)
The New Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems 2015Sep 14-18Trogir, CroatiaJune 1stJuly 1st/Sep. 1st
2015 E-MRS Fall MeetingSep 15-18Warszawa, PolandMay 25
International Conference on Electron Spectroscopy and Structure Sep 28- Oct 2Stony Brook, NYOct 2
5th International Conference "Fundamental Problems of High-Temperature Superconductivity" Oct 5-9Zvenigorod, RussiaMay 15Aug. 31Euro150
The 22nd International Workshop on Oxide Electronics Oct 7-9Paris, FranceMay 15Euro350(Student)/500(Prof)[before 7/15]; Euro400(Student)/550(Prof)[after 7/15]
World Congress on Microscopy: Instrumentation Techniques and Applications in Life Sciences and Material Sciences Oct 9-11Kerala, IndiaAug 30
Impurity States Quasiparticles Unconventional Superconductors Oct 17-23Pohang, KoreaJune, 30 $300
TRENDOXIDES2015 Nov 12-18 Brescia,ItalyOct 9Oct 30 Euro120
Big Ideas in Quantum Materials Dec 15-17La Jolla, CASept, 28Nov 15 $450(before 10/15)/$550(before 11/15)


ConferenceDatesLocationAbstractRegisterCostWho's going?
Unconventional Order in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems Jan 5-11Aspen, COOct 31$350Jenny
Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy Techniques Feb 24-25Karlsruhe, GermanyJan 12Feb 14
APS March Meeting March 3-7Denver, CONov 15Jan 3$375 (senior); $130 (student)Anjan, Can-Li, Jason, Jenny, Mike, Nick, Yang
International Conference on Superconductivity & Magnetism April 27 - May 2Antalya, TurkeyNov 25
10th Stanford Annual Nanoprobes Workshop May 2Stanford, CA
Correlated Oxides and Oxide Interfaces May 1-4U. MinnesotaJenny
Advances in nanostructured superconductors: materials, properties and theory May 5-7Miraflores, MadridJenny
Mesoscale Science Frontiers May 13-16Santa Fe, NMMarch 31$200 (full); $100 (student/PD)
UBC-Max Planck Workshop on SmB6 & other materials May 14-16Vancouver, CanadaJenny
Energy Materials Nanotechnology June 9-12Cancun, MexicoMay 1April 10
Kivelson Fest June 18-20Stanford, CAApril 18
Next Generation in Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (NGSCES) June 16-20Nice, France
Gordon Conference on Correlated Electrons June 22-27Mt Holyoke, MAMay 25Maoz
Low Energy Electrodynamics in Solids (LEES) June 29 - July 4Loire Valley, FranceJenny
International Max Planck Research Summer School on Superconductivity and Magnetism at the Nanoscale June 29 - July 3Stuttgart, GermanyJenny
Strongly Correlated Electron Systems (SCES) July 7-11Grenoble, FranceFeb 27May 15Jenny
Spin-Polarized STM July 15-19Huron, OhioDennis
International Conference on Nanoscience + Technology (ICN+T) July 20-25Vail, COMarch 3
Boulder Summer School on Superconductivity June 30 - July 25Boulder, COJenny
International School on Multi-Condensates in Superconductivity July 19 - 25Erice, Italy
SuperStripes July 25 - 31Erice, Italy
Advanced Topics in Magnetism & Superconductivity (ATOMS14) July 31 - Aug 4San Carlos de Bariloche, ArgentinaApril 30May 31$700 ($350 students)
Non-Contact Atomic Force Microscopy Aug 4-8Tsukuba, JapanApril 4June 30
International Workshop on Iron-Based Superconductors Aug 4-7Beijing, ChinaJenny
Low Temperature (LT27) Aug 6-13Buenos Aires, ARApril 1May 1$600 (regular); $300 (student)
Les Houches: Topological Aspects of Condensed Matter Physics Aug 4-29France
Quantum Critical Matter - from Atoms to Bulk Aug 18-23Innsbruck, Austria
Condensed Matter in Paris Aug 24-29Paris, France
Materials for Quantum Technologies Aug 27-29St Andrews University, UKJune 1stJune 1stEuro100/150 (before/after June 1st)
European Materials Research Society Sept 15-19Warsaw, Poland
Magnetism, Bad Metals and Superconductivity Sept 22-26Santa Barbara, CAAug 22$330Jenny
Workshop on Oxide Electronics Sept 28 - Oct 1Lake George, NYJune 30
Conference on Manipulation, Manufacturing and Measurement on the Nanoscale (3M-NANO) Oct 27-31Taipei, TaiwanJune 15
Probing and Understanding Exotic Superconductors and Superfluids (EXS2014) Oct 27-31Trieste, ItalyJuly 1st