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The run starts with about a mile on city streets, and I admit I was wondering, "among all the beautiful state parks in CA, couldn't Wendell find one that didn't require a pavement start?" But as soon as we got to the trail part, I knew why Wendell decided to stage a run here. These trails are amazing! Beautiful green moss covers everything, and we enjoyed running on the soft surfaces covered in pine needles and other wonderful-smelling needled branches. The route is mostly flat and fast and runnable, and the weather was cool, so it made for some fast times. The trails were so beautiful, that I was sad to miss the 3rd loop, but I decided to stop with 35k to save a little oomph for next weekend. Daniel ran the full 50k and finished in a PR, CR, and 1st place overall.

Seacliff Beach 50k
Jenny's time: 3:26:28 (35K: 1st female, 3rd overall)
Daniel's time: 4:53:01 (50K: 1st overall, course record!)