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Our first marathon! We had no idea what we were doing. Not nearly enough training, not enough vaseline, not enough food... we brough some chocolate power gels, but they were so gross that we didn't eat anything until mile 18, at which point we were pretty much toast. But it was a beautiful course, the last 12 miles along the Schuylkill River watching the crew boats the whole way. I didn't even know the marathon was 26.2 miles (I thought it was 26 even) and I thought I was for sure going to qualify for Boston, when I suddenly realized I had 0.2 miles to go. Still managed to barely squeak under the line. But the best thing about this race was how friendly people are. Marathons are a very different sort of "race" than crew or track races. They're actually much more like a team accomplishment, and many strangers cheer for each other along the course.

Philadelphia Marathon
Daniel's time: 3:52:53
Jenny's time: 3:39:48 (qualified for Boston by 12 seconds!)
[Note: this was the first and last time I've ever beaten Daniel.]

Daniel and Jenny, along the Schuylkill