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  1999  2000
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We ran this race together less than a week before our wedding. April (Daniel's sister) joined us as well. We camped in a state park the night before the race, which was fun. The weather for the race was great, but April had a bum knee, and I apparently just hadn't recovered completely from Boston 8 weeks before. Daniel had a good race, I finished with a little walking, then we stood around listening to great upbeat finish music and waiting to cheer April through the finish chute. As soon as April finished (with a smile on her face), it started to POUR! To make matters even more interesting, our car was parked quite far away and when we finally reached it, we had a flat tire. Luckily Virgil (Daniel's father) had a spare, so we made it safely to a gas station.

Grandma's Marathon
Daniel's time: 3:27:16
Jenny's time: 3:42:23

Daniel running Jenny running