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We decided at the last minute to sign up for this "race" as a training run. The marathon course is twice around a beautiful 13 mile loop on trails in the Golden Gate national park in Marin County, CA. We decided to run three times around the loop, but we got a little lost the first time around, so we suspect we ran about 15 miles on the first loop. We had great views of the Golden Gate Bridge, the ocean, the mountains to the north, etc. Mercifully, there was decent cloud cover for a large fraction of the race. We finished 41 miles feeling pretty tired, but not completely spent. We'll be back for more in May!

Golden Gate Marathon
1st loop (15 miles, 2600 ft?): 2:23
2nd loop (13 miles, 2200 ft): 2:03
3rd loop (13 miles, 2200 ft): 2:20
Total (41 miles, 7000 ft): 6:46

Daniel and Jenny Jenny running Daniel running Jenny running